How tote bags can make your life even more easier?

Updated: Mar 16

If you stop for a moment and think about the most essential bags for your daily routine, the answer would definitely be the totes bags. Here we are not talking about the reusable shopping bags but a fancy looking item which you can use not only for shopping purpose but, can be used in various other things as we will discuss later in the article. In this article I will cover what things you should keep in mind to get the tote bag which fits perfectly in your daily life. How I carry my tote bag and, will share my favorite tote bag which made my life simple and easy.

If you are talking about the tote bags they are the most popular, trendy and, in demand these days as they come in a wide range of designs and beautiful prints. They have multipurpose usage. People are using the tote bags basically for everything ranging from shopping, to travelling, carrying it as a cabin bags, or baby bags etc. You just think of a purpose and these bags can be modified to suit your needs.

One of my favorites are printed totes bags. They come with beautiful prints and are available in various colors. I spotted these tote bags in the pink city Jaipur, known by its artistic handcrafted work. These bags give you the spring vibes as every print is so fresh and vibrant. Jaipur is the leading manufacturer of these kinds of handbags. It has a unique collection of tote bags that are durable, handy, comfortable, and easy to use in your daily routine. If you are a person who hates to carry several bags at the one time then you should definitely try these tote bags which are spacious enough to carry your everyday items.

These bags are easy and simple to carry all your stuff in one place and in an organized manner.

Tote bags come in different varieties and sizes and are perfect for daily use due to their durable material and availability in various sizes. But when it comes to finding the perfect tote, it’s definitely not an easy task. It should be spacious, durable, and ideal for everyday use.

Here are a few things, you should keep in mind while finding the perfect tote for yourself:

1. Fabric

One of the most important characteristics for finding the perfect tote bag is the quality of the fabric. The lifespan totally depends on the material, weight, and use of the bag. Since the motive of a tote bag is to stuff it with some regular and daily usage items so, based on my personal experience, I will suggest you look for durable and comfortable fabric so that it can carry at least 6-9 pounds of weight. Also, the fabric should be water-resistant. After all, it’s worth paying for a bag that will protect your belongings from water damage. Due to heavy rain, the bag gets drenched and so does the stuff inside the bag ruining your precious items. So you should be careful while buying the bag. Select the right material and high quality tote bags.

Women's Tote Bags

2. Weight

You should definitely check the internal and external making of the bag. Go for the light-weighted bags, as you don’t want them to be too heavy after stuffing your items in the bag. Check for the shoulder straps so that you can comfortably carry them for a long time. Make sure there is at least one zipper pockets inside your bag in which you can put some coins, keys, etc., and find them easily when you need them. You will end up putting tremendous strain on your shoulder if you buy narrow strapped and heavy weighted tote bag.

3. Size and Multi-Functional

Nowadays tote bags are in trend due to the versatility of their nature. You can carry it on many occasions, as they come in different patterns, designs and sizes which bring millions of ways to use them. The motive of the tote bags is to stuff it with your things. No matter what you wear, it goes with all your outfits, be it formal or casual wear.

4. Easy to Maintain.

Due to the busy schedule, definitely we don’t want that bag that needs high maintenance. So look for a bag that is easy to wash or can be cleaned with just a soft brush or a damp cloth.

I can carry it as my

· Office bag. It can hold everything from important portfolios, notebooks and, laptop to lunch. It also serve as a fashion statement.

· Shopping Bag. Who doesn’t want a reusable, environmentally friendly, and trendy bag which can easily carry the weight of groceries and yet look super stylish.

· Beach Bag. Packing for the beach days can be stressful, but tote bags can make it easier with their large capacity to carry towels, clothes, or food. It comes in beautiful prints, each of which is unique, eye-catchy, and stylish.

· Travel Bag. You can easily carry it for the weekend trip with your friends. They can be your go-to bags. They are lightweight travel bags that can easily fit in the cabin of the flight.

· Baby Bag. As I am the mother of a three year old daughter, I do have to carry her things with me whenever I go out with her and I hate carrying multiple bags at the same time. All mothers can relate from this I guess. This bag gives you the room to stuff it with as much items as you want. This bag makes my life so painless and manageable that sometimes I think what my life should be without these bags super comfortable and fashionable bags.

A woman carries her world inside the tote bag so choose wisely and make your style statement by selecting from an abundance of prints and colors collection available out there.

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