On this page, you will find tips on how to maintain clutch bags in the best condition. By taking good care of your bags, you ensure that they will last for years. Here are some tips to keep your clutch bags in optimal condition.

1. Store your box clutch in a soft bag to avoid scratches.  The best tip for cleaning your bags is to clean the product carefully with a soft cloth after every usage. Put the bags in dustbags as this protects them from scratches, dust, stain, and other kinds of damages when they are in the cabinet.

2.  Always keep the bags on cabinet shelves or safely in the cabinet drawers. You should not hang your bags from the handles as this may cause wear and tear and damage due to all weight. It is better to keep the clutch bags on shelves instead. This also prevents the case of damage when you pull the bag from the hanger or hook.

3. Keep the chemicals away from the clutch bags. Avoid contact with water or perfume or any other chemicals that could damage your clutch bag. You never know how chemicals will react with your metal brass clutches so better to avoid putting any kind of liquid in your clutch bags.

You can follow these tips to keep your clutch bags as good as new even after years. After all, buying handbags these days is like an investment and you must thus be very careful with the way you use them. It is important that you take care of it and maintain it properly to get full worth out of it. No matter how careful you are with their usage, they may become dull, dirty. This is why we have brought you some of the best handbag maintenance and cleaning tips and tricks.